Interview with the lead developer of Exaile Music Player

12 Apr 08 00:00
2 minutes read

Ok so this is my first interview so please be gentile :).
For those of you that don’t know Exaile is the default music player in the yet to be released Xfce version of Foresight Linux.

Alexandru: ok. first question. So tell me a bit about yourself. (this
isn’t really a question no ? :)) but we have to start the “interview”
Adam: Well, my name is Adam Olsen. I grew up in Utah and have lived
here my entire life. I currently work as a programmer and sysadmin for
a greeting card company called (who knew that a
greeting card company needed programmers?)
I’ve been programming professionally for about 10 years.
I’ve also been using Linux for about that long

Alexandru: How did you decide to start the Exaile Project ?
Adam: I was using Amarok on Gnome a little more than two years ago. It
crashed ALL the time, and not only did it crash, when it did, it tried
to launch the KDE reporting tool, which I didn’t have installed.

Alexandru: Any particular reason on choosing python / pygtk ?
Adam: About this time my friends were talking about how cool Python
is. I’ve found that if you want to learn a language, jumping right and
creating something you might actually use is a great way to do it.

Alexandru: What are your future plans for exaile ? I’ve seen that you
plan a rewrite for it in the 0.3 version.
Adam: Well, right there is the downside of actually writing an entire
project while learning a programming language. There are a lot of
things that could have been done better. Exaile 0.3.0 will be almost
an entire rewrite. In the current version of Exaile, I basically wrote
the core myself. In 0.3.0, it will incorporate ideas from other
developers as well.

Alexandru: Ok one more question. Do you plan on keeping the current
.glade templating system ? It is imho one of the best features right
Adam: Yes. Glade not only allows for custom “themes” (or different
glade files), but it makes coding dialogs and gui elements a lot

Alexandru: Great. Thanks for your time Adam.

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