Alex Bucur

Just your average goose.


My name is Alexandru Bucur and I'm a 26 years old programmer. I've started working professionally at 17 years old doing front-end development and steadily grew into a jack of all trades doing development, technical lead, project management and customer care.

I'm currently CTO at Soft Dreams, a Romania web development and hosting agency, spearheading the web development division.

  • Live in: Bucharest, Romania
  • +40 746 191 203
  • Not available to freelance job.
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Soft Dreams SRL

Defining growth areas within the company discoverying opportunities and areas of focus. Overseeing the web development division of approximately 10 people (designers, front and back-end developers).

Developing complex web applications and doing system arhitecture and optimizations.


Technical Lead

Soft Dreams SRL

Developing small to complex websites using various PHP frameworks and CMS's (Wordpress, Drupal, Symfony, Laravel, FuelPHP, Codeigniter). Maintaining various other projects in PHP, Python (Django)

Doing project architecture for websites based on Laravel's framework managing 3-5 person teams, legacy code maintenance and improvements. Developing and improving existing e-commerce and billing software.

Managing client relations and expectations regarding the project while meeting deadlines and keeping a positive cashflow.

Supervising hiring process and training of new employees


Senior Programmer

Soft Dreams SRL

Doing front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and back-end development work (PHP, Python and Perl).

Creating websites using PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Symfony, FuelPHP, custom frameworks based on Smarty template language, developing websites in Drupal (including eCommerce solutions).

Bugfixing and optimizing websites for high traffic solutions. Managing 30+ million pageviews per day websites, getting perfect score review from Acquia for Drupal websites.


Junior Programmer

Soft Dreams SRL

Initial steps in HTML, CSS and PHP development.

My first project was to reverse engineer Myspace's layout rules in order to create custom Myspace layouts with advanced features by using only css.

Continued developing small to mid size php websites using various in house built frameworks and CodeIgniter.



Soft Dreams SRL

Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Project Manager, Technical lead and Jack of all trades.

September 2013 - 2015 - - Migrating legacy code to a new Laravel 4 back-end, code clean-up, improved and new features.

2014 - AppJolt redesign Team Lead.

2011-2015 - project lead. Video tour creation platform for real estate agencies.

2009-2015 - collaboration with for improving, extending and implementing casting websites for US and Canada reality website shows (big brother, master chef, reality wanted etc.)

2012-2013 - developing's Drupal 7 website.

2012 - Charitablecheckout / Dympol ( wordpress presentation website. Developing three front-end BackboneJs websites for different campaigns (including Sharkira's Raise a Roof Facebook campaign, and Nike Charity campaign builder).

2011-2012 - maintenance and cleanup

2010-2011 - - Technical Lead, code review and bugfixing.

2012 - website fixes (symfony 1 framework) and feature requests.

2011 - redesign in Drupal 7

2011 - Meyers Associates Website - Drupal 7

2010 - (Presentation Website) - Technical Lead Supervising and code reviewing.

2010 - 2011 - - Drupal 7 presentation website

2010 - Envision EMI, LLC presentation website

2009 - 2010 - Teamspeak sales website development, main site redesign, ts3 skin implementation.

2009 - Streetpeeper ( Wordpress to Drupal coversion

2009 - Purista Cocktails - Drupal 6 e-commerce website (offline now)

2008-2010 - Front End Developer for Worked on helping them implement user side registration + widget listing and campaign creation manager.

2008 - Back-end development for Flash BlackJack game for 21 the movie (Sony)

Other Job Responsabilities:

Negociating Internet Access contracts (Level 3, Cogent, GTS, Euroweb etc.)
Negociating wholesale dedicated server offers with US Datacenters ( / Serverloft / Wiresix)
Customer Care, Project Maintenance, Project Quotes.
OpenSource support



Universitatea „Titu Maiorescu”

BS, Information Sciences and Technology

CS & Math with a sprinkle of programming (C++ / Java and Web Technologies)


The magical world: „World Wide Web”

Learning how to program before baking cookies


Let me a message if you have any questions, collaboration proposals, needs any tips or just want to say hi.