Alex Bucur

Just your average goose.


My name is Alexandru Bucur and I'm a 26 years old programmer. I've started working professionally at 17 years old doing front-end development and steadily grew into a jack of all trades doing development, technical lead, project management and customer care.

I'm currently CTO at Soft Dreams, a Romania web development and hosting agency, spearheading the web development division.

  • Live in: Bucharest, Romania
  • +40 746 191 203
  • Not available to freelance job.
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Soft Dreams SRL

The future is now.


Technical Lead

Soft Dreams SRL

Managing small to large projects (1 week to 1 year) with a 3-4 man team. Taking care of custom relationship, programming, debugging and system architecture.


Senior Programmer

Soft Dreams SRL

From developing websites (coding) to server management and others in between ;)


Junior Programmer

Soft Dreams SRL

Code Monkey



Soft Dreams SRL

Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Project Manager, Technical lead and Jack of all trades.

September 2013 - 2015 - - Migrating legacy code to a new Laravel 4 back-end, code clean-up, improved and new features.

2014 - AppJolt redesign Team Lead.

2011-2015 - project lead. Video tour creation platform for real estate agencies.

2009-2015 - collaboration with for improving, extending and implementing casting websites for US and Canada reality website shows (big brother, master chef, reality wanted etc.)

2012-2013 - developing's Drupal 7 website.

2012 - Charitablecheckout / Dympol ( wordpress presentation website. Developing three front-end BackboneJs websites for different campaigns (including Sharkira's Raise a Roof Facebook campaign, and Nike Charity campaign builder).

2011-2012 - maintenance and cleanup

2010-2011 - - Technical Lead, code review and bugfixing.

2012 - website fixes (symfony 1 framework) and feature requests.

2011 - redesign in Drupal 7

2011 - Meyers Associates Website - Drupal 7

2010 - (Presentation Website) - Technical Lead Supervising and code reviewing.

2010 - 2011 - - Drupal 7 presentation website

2010 - Envision EMI, LLC presentation website

2009 - 2010 - Teamspeak sales website development, main site redesign, ts3 skin implementation.

2009 - Streetpeeper ( Wordpress to Drupal coversion

2009 - Purista Cocktails - Drupal 6 e-commerce website (offline now)

2008-2010 - Front End Developer for Worked on helping them implement user side registration + widget listing and campaign creation manager.

2008 - Back-end development for Flash BlackJack game for 21 the movie (Sony)

Other Job Responsabilities:

Negociating Internet Access contracts (Level 3, Cogent, GTS, Euroweb etc.)
Negociating wholesale dedicated server offers with US Datacenters ( / Serverloft / Wiresix)
Customer Care, Project Maintenance, Project Quotes.
OpenSource support



Universitatea „Titu Maiorescu”

BS, Information Sciences and Technology

CS & Math with a sprinkle of programming (C++ / Java and Web Technologies)


The magical world: „World Wide Web”

Learning how to program before baking cookies


Let me a message if you have any questions, collaboration proposals, needs any tips or just want to say hi.